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Learn Self Massage with Ball Techniques

Show your body a little self care and kindness with a self massage anytime, anywhere!

Massage Balls allow you to release tension, break up sliding surface dysfunctions, and improve circulation in and around your muscles and tendons, ligaments, and fascia.

Issues in our Tissues: The body can hold a lot of tension in the soft tissues as emotional stress accumulates in the body. You’ve probably experienced firsthand where the stresses of your day get stuck in your shoulders, your hips, your lower back and hamstrings.

In our modern, often sedentary lives, our movement patterns tend to be very habitual. We sit on chairs and couches, or stand for long periods, drive, and walk; but we often lack the dynamic range of motion that our bodies are designed for.

Good News there is a solution. Apart from yogaSelf Massage with massage balls.

No matter your lifestyle, the massage balls can melt your tension right out of the body, and often you will feel immediate results.

Benefits to this self massage include (but not limited):

  • Relieve tight muscles knots, aches and pains any time, on your own
  • Unlock trigger points and tension areas
  • Improve blood flow to targeted areas
  • Assist in scar tissue elasticity
  • A moment to unwind into self care

In the workshop you will learn massage techniques for:

  • Cervical, thoracic and lumbar massage
  • Glutes (butt), calf & hamstrings
  • Foot Stretch
  • IT band & Hip Flexor  roll
  • De-stressing and relaxing

You will also be provided a worksheet of the techniques we practice in the workshop so you can remember what to do at home.


Early bird rate $35 +gst
Regular Rate: $42 +gst after 23rd June


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 11 Ave, Hazelton, BC V0J 1Y0, Canada

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