Melt into Yuminess!  A deeply relaxing, gentle class that uses props to offer complete support. Quiet your mind and soothe your nervous system, cultivating physical and internal stillness in a restful space.

Gentle stretching! Think relaxation, think candles, even come in your PJ’s.  Find yourself melting into bolsters, blocks, blankets, allowing the body to open slowly and naturally with no effort. Finding a sense of inner peace and a place of deep relaxation.  Allowing for a deep introspective class which restores energy to the body and calmness to the mind. We are offering pop-up restorative classes this year. So keep checking back. Best to follow us on Facebook to find these.



Influenced by many inspirational teachers, Rosie’s deepest roots of Hatha yoga will guide students through a flowing sequence with emphasis of breath-body connection. Rosie loves the outdoors and participates in a wide variety of healthy activities such as mountain & rock climbing, backcountry skiing hiking & healthy eating and of course, Yoga! Through her determination to live an authentic and healthy life Rosie wishes to inspire wonder, joy, healthy fun, adventure and connection to nature, the self, the spirit and each other.

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