Aerial Yoga

 Aerial yoga here in Hazelton! 


An aerial yoga silk, also known as a hammock, suspended from the ceiling that  supports your weight as it eases pressure from joint compression and therefore creates space in your joints. You will feel a beautiful decompression in your spine, and help you find more mobility. Hanging upside down may seem risky, but you can invert in the hammock without putting pressure on your head or spine.

Research on suspension training indicates that you have to use your core muscles more when you’re suspended than when you’re on the ground to keep yourself stable. And then there’s the arm strength you gain by hoisting yourself into and around the silk. Because you have to have to pull down on the hammock to lift yourself up, you build a kind of core and upper-arm strength that doesn’t happen in traditional yoga, where most arm movements are about pushing, not pulling.

Aerial silks can also provide natural alignment adjustments. For example, if you were to do a suspended variation of Uttanasana (Standing forward bend) or Adho Mukha Svanasana (Down Dog), with the hammock at your hip crease, the placement of the sling helps glide the heads of the thighbones back—which is how they should move when you fold forward at the hips, but is hard for some people to achieve on the floor. For these practitioners, the sling could help relieve pinching at the front of the hip joints in forward bends. 

You don’t need to be an acrobat—far from it—to learn and love aerial. As with many styles of yoga there are so many benefits:

  •  You’ll start to engage your core immediately without even realizing it.
  • The silk wraps around your body and supports you in certain difficult poses like inversions, giving you the experience of how a pose should feel.
  • Core and arm strength like never before
  • Decompresses the spine
  • Not hanging in joints while working out
  • Whether or not you have knee problems, adding some low- or no-impact workouts is great for you ,and aerial classes are exactly that easy on the joints.

Classes end with you lying in savasana, cocooned in a hammock as you gently swing from side to side. Talk about blissing out!


Influenced by many inspirational teachers, Rosie’s deepest roots of Hatha yoga will guide students through a flowing sequence with emphasis of breath-body connection. Rosie loves the outdoors and participates in a wide variety of healthy activities such as mountain & rock climbing, backcountry skiing hiking & healthy eating and of course, Yoga! Through her determination to live an authentic and healthy life Rosie wishes to inspire wonder, joy, healthy fun, adventure and connection to nature, the self, the spirit and each other.

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