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Here is a great article on just some of the benefits you can receive from Thai Massage.
We are pretty excited to offer this training from a wonderful trainer, Kristin Nuttal, who has been one of Canada’s most passionate pioneers in the research and practice of Thai therapies. With 15 years of experience, she was one of the first Registered Thai Therapists in the country and is still one of the few Thai Alliance, internationally-approved instructors for the region. Her training began under the wisdom of the elderly with P’ Sinuan from the Old Medicine Hospital of Chiang Mai in 1999. The opportunity to learn privately with teachers who had mastered the art of this work resonated with her deeply.

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Thai Massage Therapy, Joint Mobilization Decrease Low Back Pain

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Pain intensity and functional disability decreased significantly among people with chronic nonspecific low back pain after receiving either Thai massage therapy or joint mobilization twice a week for four weeks, according to recent research.

The study, “The effectiveness of Thai massage and joint mobilization,” involved 120 hospital outpatients with chronic nonspecific low back pain.

In order to be included in the study, subjects had to have low back pain that was intermittent, tolerable and without a specific cause. In addition, the duration of the intermittent pain had to be at least three weeks.

For the intervention phase of the study, subjects were randomly assigned to receive either traditional Thai massage therapy or joint mobilization therapy.

The intervention schedule for both modalities consisted of two 30-minute sessions per week for four weeks. The practitioners who provided the joint mobilization and Thai massage therapy were certified physical therapists and massage therapists who worked at the hospital and had more than 10 years of experience.

The study’s authors describe the joint mobilization or spinal manipulation as a combination of “active and passive physiologic back mobilization stretching and strengthening” that included hot pack application, posterior-to-anterior manual pressure focused on the spinous process of the lumber vertebrae, and a prone press-up exercise.

As for the Thai massage therapy intervention, this consisted of “pressing and mobilizing points on two main energy lines (Ida and Pingala), which run along spinous processes from L2 to L5.”

The researchers report the Thai massage sessions also involved the application of herbal hot packs, along with stretching and strengthening certain back muscles.

The main outcome measures in this study were pain and functional disability, which were measured using a visual analog scale and the Owestry Disability Index. Secondary outcome measures included satisfaction with the intervention experience and the overall safety of the intervention.

Results of the research revealed a significant drop in pain intensity and functional disability among subjects in both the joint mobilization and the Thai massage therapy groups following the four-week intervention period.

Participants in both groups reported satisfaction with the intervention experience and no adverse effects.

“The traditional Thai massage and joint mobilization used in this study were equally effective for short-term reduction of pain and disability in patients with chronic nonspecific [low back pain],” conclude the study’s authors.””

You will be learning from a master!

Kristin lived in Northern Thailand for two years where she taught English in a preschool and learned the Thai language. There she studied herbs, therapeutic massage, prenatal massage, foot massage, tok sen, cupping and scraping, meditation and Ruesi (hermit) self-care practices. In her TTM studies alone, she now has more than 1000 hours in the classroom and many more hours in practice. Kristin studied Advanced Therapeutic Applications at the Ancient Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai. For further certification she completed training with the TMC School of Chiang Mai where the first nation-wide Thai standardization and recognition in the West was made in liaison with the Thai Ministry of Education.

Since her return to Canada in 2002, Kristin worked with the Thai Ministry of Health translating curriculum material and studied with their Traditional Medical Doctors. She has been actively expanding in other healing modalities of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST), Somato Emotional Release, Spa Hydrotherapy, Raindrop Therapy with essential oils, Hakomi Counselling, Reiki, Soft Tissue Release and Doula support for pregnancy. She has a special interest in working with pregnant women and newborns to assist in the release of trauma with BCST.

for the Thai Massage Medicine Training
3 day course in New Hazelton, BC here at the Yoga Shack.
$499 (includes manual).


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