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Came back from a weekend of fun and outdoor play with my god babies, and boo hoo, started having a sore throat last…

Posted by Aviva Romm, MD on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Came back from a weekend of fun and outdoor play with my god babies, and boo hoo, started having a sore throat last night. My little god daughter had a runny nose and the sneezes and yeah, we shared snuggles, food, and I think she even stuck her fingers in my water glass once. It was damp and cold Sunday and I was probably a wee bit underdressed. Plus the trip back was nuts. I had 4 minutes from when my plane landed in the ATL airport to make my connection — and we landed at the A terminal and my plane was departing from the E terminal. Ever been to the ATL airport? Oh and the guy in the seat next to me was coughing, too.

So I figured I’d tell you what I do when I feel something coming on:
1. I eat super light; broth/light soup, steamed veggies, vegetable juice (unless I have a chill, in which case I stick to warm beverages), no dairy, flour products, no sugar (I don’t eat much anyway, though did have some Halloween candy from the god kids stash this weekend, and a drink, so perhaps that added to my immune system saying WHAZZUP).

2. I drink hot ginger-lemon tea like it’s going outta’ style — it’s my FAVORITE all purpose herbal cold, cough, chills, and yucky feeling tea: Grate 1 TBS fresh ginger and squeeze the juice into a cup. Cover with boiling water. Add lemon and a smidgen of honey. Honey is antimicrobial and helps with coughs if you have one. It’s soothing on the throat, too. Take 1-4 cups daily, safe if you are preggers or BF’ing.

3 I rest as much as possible (luckily today is a home writing day so working on a blog this morning, reviewing new charts for my new practice this afternoon, a few phone meetings)

4. Stay warm (my red wool socks are on my feet!)

5. If more than just a little onset of a symptom, I might add in some Echinacea, zinc, and if the sore throat got worse, I’d do a little gargle with propolis and myrrh tinctures from my pals at Herb Pharm. But I’m not there with this little scratchy feeling…and hopefully won’t be!

Oh and for prevention, if you’re going into a high risk cold situation, as in pretty much any travel or toddler time this time of year, you can dose up with Urban Moonshine Immune Tonic, or if you’ve had an exposure, take some of their Immune Zoom. I just didn’t take the time before I flew — but wish I had! I’ll report back tomorrow, but can honestly tell you that I’ve not been sick for more than a 24 hr period in a few years, and rarely catch cold. This natural stuff really works!!!!

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