Opening 5th October in New Hazelton, BC

Yoga Shack is opening on the 5th October. Busy worker bees are hammering away on the renovations at the Yoga Shack! We are still planning to open on the 5th October. Very excited to finally be able to offer a beautiful, specific space to retreat too. Come join us.

The origins of Yoga Shack

While the dreams and workings of owning a yoga and wellness studio have been in the mind for many years, since the early 2000’s. The physicality of the location has only evolved in the last few weeks. We purchased an older building with the intention of just putting new flooring in and painting it… Didn’t quite happen as planned. Knocking out walls, and basically gutting the building was the true outcome. The joys and surprises of old buildings.

Nonetheless, we have taken to the challenge of still opening at the promised date of 5th October. My husband is bearing the brunt of it working every day for weeks including his ‘real job’ in between. We also have various local contractors jumping in and working in our time frame.

yogaI have already learnt the joys of being a business owner with both the excitement of other instructors wanting to teach out of the space and others jumping ship to do their own thing.

The ultimate goal of Yoga Shack is to embrace the ebb and flows of what comes through the door. The most important aspect is those participants that walk into the Shack leave with a sense of peace, clarity and an overall balanced state of being.

Come and be challenged, or enjoy some gentle restorative practices.

We welcome you to participate in the peaceful and majestic surroundings of the Roche De Boule range right from the studio window.


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